seminar about manual resuscitator/AMBU bag Winner-medi.com
November 27, 2020

recently we joined the seminar together with our local SFDA office about the manual resuscitator . This seminar is about drawing the compilation of registration and technical examination principles for ambu bag .

as the industry benchmark of ambu bag, we are the only domestic manufacturer who was invited to join the seminar held by our SFDA office. Xiamen winnerwill keep progressing and the leading role.

پیام بگذارید
پیام بگذارید
اگر شما به محصولات ما علاقه مند هستند و می خواهند از جزئیات بیشتر بدانند ، لطفاً در اینجا پیام بگذارید ، ما پاسخ خواهیم داد شما به محض اینکه ما می توانیم



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